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Kristen Joy Laidig

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Ever wonder... "What was I thinking?!"
Any brick and mortar seller will tell you it takes a special breed of people to throw caution to the wind and invest tens of thousands of dollars into a "chance" to "make it" with their own shop, gallery, or restaurant. It's a bigger adrenaline rush than the largest casino on the planet and definitely not a decision that's usually made lightly. Or, well, sometimes it is a decision made lightly, which the entrepreneur quickly discovers that perhaps a little more thought should have gone into it first... Am I right?!
Would you like ideas, inspiration, and answers?
This podcast and its accompanying Kindle book series will feature interviews with brick and mortar entrepreneurs, marketing experts, service providers, and yours truly. It's designed to support brick and mortars where they're at, help them grow, and hopefully cut short the learning curve. It even features a live interactive "behind the scenes" audience, so if you can attend live you'll be able to ask questions of the guests and get answers.
This podcast and accompanying Kindle book series is for those that knew the risks and did it anyway... those that jumped in with both feet when they didn't know what in the world they were doing... those that knew a little of what they were getting into and dove in headfirst anyway... and those thinking of opening their own shops to hopefully stay ahead of the learning curve... at least a little bit!

Each episode will feature a brick and mortar owner, marketing expert, service provider, and yours truly (who dove into two retail stores 18 months apart and didn't know what the heck she was doing... at first) as we share news, insights, random ideas, problems, solutions, and overall a community for all who would like to know more about the brick and mortar world... and support your fellow brick and mortar entrepreneurs!
Put your feet up...
Explore Small Town America is not corporate. Here we're informal. There's no fancy entrance and exit music. No annoying ads (just the occasional sponsor mention). No formal script. Really no fancy anything. Sometimes we may show up and just chat. We believe in building these businesses to support our families, communities, and so we can (eventually) grow them to fit our lifestyles. So grab a cup of coffee and join us for this unique "fireside chat with a brick and mortar" experience!
About Brick & Mortars...
Satisfy your curiosity... Why do people bother to start small indie brick & mortars when "big box" and the internet seems to have taken over consumerism? Explore this and other deep (and not-so-deep) thoughts...
Special Guests...
We plan to interview all sorts of Brick & Mortar Rockstars... From retailers to service providers to pop-up shop owners to artists to those that make their lives easier... This podcast will cover them all!
Live Webinars & Podcasts...
Explore Small Town America is being presented as a live, weekly webinar scheduled on Fridays at 9:00am ET. Replays of the show will ALSO be posted to popular Podcast outlets like iTunes and Soundcloud.
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